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People invited to give their views on the proposed new system of community healthcare for local population of around 315,000 patients

  • East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has been reviewing the community healthcare system for its population of around 315,000 patients
  • The CCG has drawn up a proposed future model, which would give GPs greater influence over community health services for their patients. It would mean a major re-organisation of the way services are commissioned, integrated and managed.
  • The CCG is inviting people to give their views on the proposed new system of care.

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Dr Andy Ker, Governing Body Member of NHS East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG and the clinical lead for the proposed model, said: “We are working on significant change to future community care services and how they work with GP services, bringing them to work more closely together to become more efficient and effective. It is our aim to have the right services to meet the needs of local patients.

“Our proposed new system is likely to require significant organisational change both among local groups of GPs and by community service providers, requiring leadership, time, skill and resources to ensure change is achievable.

“We aim to deliver ‘wraparound community services’. ‘Wraparound’ can be defined as a team of professionals developing and implementing an individualised plan of care for each patient.

“Specifically this means staff from different organisations communicating and operating as one care team, including physicians working beyond the hospital walls with colleagues in primary and social care. Community teams might work with groups of GPs and be based near to the populations they serve, and integrated with social care staff.

“We believe there now needs to be widespread further engagement so as many people as possible can have an input into the future model of care.”

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