ELR CCG celebrates nurses in commissioning

A day of celebrations has been planned by East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group (ELR CCG) to recognise the role nurses working in commissioning do to improve patient care.

The celebrations mark International Nurses’ Day, a day of appreciation for nursing staff on the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth.

ELR CCG has published a video where commissioning nurses explain their roles and explore some of the differences between working on the ward and in commissioning.

The nurses also encourage current nursing staff to consider moving into commissioning.

It’s hoped the video will raise the profile of the role of nurses working in commissioning organisations.

ELR CCG employs 16 nurses to perform a wide range of roles to improve patient care in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, including monitoring quality, patient safety, patient experience and training. The Nursing teams also work closely with Primary Care and Medicines teams to input nursing perspectives into commissioning decisions that affect local patients.

In the video, Chief Nurse and Quality Officer, Carmel O’Brien describes what motivates nurses to move into commissioning: “It’s great to be a nurse on the ward, but ultimately you’re only looking after a small group of people on one particular day.

“At a commissioning level, there’s a broader range of people that we are able to influence and commission care for. I take knowledge from the experience I’ve gained from 30 years in nursing and midwifery in the decisions I now make with my Governing Body member colleagues.”



The video also hears from ELR CCG Practice Nurse Facilitators, Sue Holmes and Emma Hinchcliffe, who provide a link between the commissioning group and nurses based in general practice.

Both nurses explain how they use their skills and experience of working with patients on a daily basis into the work they do now as commissioning nurses.

The hashtags ‘#NursesDay2017’ and ‘#nurseheroes’ will be used on social media to encourage the online community to join in the appreciation of nurses.

You can watch the video below.