Majority of patients positive about GPs, survey reveals

The majority of patients in East Leicestershire and Rutland are positive about their GP surgery, according to data revealed in a patient satisfaction survey.

84% of patients who completed the survey said their experience of their GP surgery is ‘good’.

And, 96% of patients in East Leicestershire and Rutland said they had confidence and trust in their GP, which is higher than the national average.

But the survey results also highlighted some areas for improvement. For patients who had used out of hours services, one-third (33%) rated their experience poor or average, which compares marginally favourably to the national average, which was 34%.

However, patients in East Leicestershire and Rutland were more satisfied than the national average when it came to how quickly they received care at an out of hours urgent care centre. 63% said the time they waited was ‘about right’ in comparison to the 61% national average.

Tim Sacks, Chief Operating Officer at East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group said: “This data shows the majority of our patients are positive about the healthcare services they receive. Clearly, there are some areas to improve and we’ll continue to work closely with our practices and urgent care centres to achieve this.”

The GP Patient Survey was sent to 2.15 million adult patients across England. 3,700 patients completed the survey in East Leicestershire and Rutland.

Participants were sent a postal questionnaire, with the option of completing the survey online or via telephone.