Ketton Branch Surgery consultation extended

The consultation on the proposed closure of Ketton Branch Surgery has been extended, following feedback from patients.

Uppingham Surgery, which runs Ketton Branch Surgery, is proposing to close this site and centralise services at its main site in Uppingham.

The consultation was scheduled to close on 1 May 2018, but after listening to the views of patients it will now run until 1 June 2018.

As well as extending the length of the consultation, Uppingham Surgery will be writing to patients providing more information about the proposed closure and has added additional questions to the survey. The practice’s business case, which details the proposals, is also available on the practice’s website and an additional drop-in session has been arranged for patients to ask questions and share their views. Stakeholders and members of the public are also invited to participate in the consultation.

Currently, patients can access GP appointments at Ketton Branch Surgery on Friday mornings, and practice nurse appointments on Monday mornings.

For the remainder of the week, the Branch Surgery is closed and patients travel to the main Uppingham Surgery site, Barrowden or Gretton branch surgeries for their healthcare needs.

Despite there being six hours of medical appointments available per week, a significant number of appointments regularly remain unused.

Data shows that Ketton Branch Surgery has the largest number of underused appointments across the four sites run by Uppingham Surgery. From January to June 2017 at the Ketton Branch Surgery, there were 579 unused GP appointments (41% of those available) and 74 unused nurse appointments (25% of those available).

Less than 20% of Ketton’s residents use services at Ketton Branch Surgery. The demographic of this list is mixed across all age groups.

The facilities at the Ketton site are limited. The branch surgery occupies two rooms in the Ketton Village Library, which means the practice is unable to provide the scope of care required by some patients.

Dr Dan Pickering, Senior Partner at Uppingham Surgery said: “We are committed to delivering the very best care for all our patients, however it is clear that running services at Ketton is not effective.

“We believe that centralising resources at our main Uppingham Surgery site will provide fairer access to services for all our patients.

“We value the views of our patients and have listened to the feedback we have received. We have made additional efforts to make more detailed information available so that patients can understand the rationale behind our proposals. We would encourage people to read the information we have made available and share their views in the revised survey.”

Uppingham Surgery will be holding three further drop-in sessions for patients:

  • Monday 16 April, 9.30am-11.30am, Ketton Branch Surgery
  • Thursday 19 April, 4.30pm-5.30pm, Gretton Branch Surgery
  • Monday 14 May, 10am-11.30am, Ketton Branch Surgery

More information, including copies of the consultation documents, can be found on Uppingham Surgery’s website.

People can telephone 01572 823531 if they require a paper copy of any of the consultation documents, need the information in another format or language, or if they need assistance completing the survey. The can be accessed from Uppingham Surgery’s website.

All feedback received during the consultation including any additional comments sent to the practice will be considered as part of the consultation and will be presented to NHS East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group (ELR CCG) in a consultation analysis report at the end of the consultation. The report will also be shared on the practice website.

ELR CCG’s Primary Care Commissioning Committee will consider all feedback along with other information about the proposed closure before making a decision, which will then be shared with patients.