Summer of Listening

Our Aims

After listening to feedback patients and carers, our staff and clinicians and partner organisations, we are confident that we have developed a set of aims that respond to the health needs of the local people.

We have six aims and in this section you can find out more about our plans to deliver them:

 Transform services and enhance quality of life for people with

Long-Term Conditions

We’ll be focusing in particular on conditions including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), diabetes, dementia and mental health. Work will include expanding and improving existing schemes and supporting patients to self-manage their conditions more effectively.

Improve the quality of care

Our focus will be on clinical effectiveness, safety and patient experience,with specific goals to deliver excellent community health services and improve the quality of primary care.

Reduce inequalities in access to healthcare

We’ll be targeting the areas and population groups in greatest need. Our work will include increasing access to smoking cessation services, working with partners and providers and supporting lifestyle and children’s services.

Improve integration of local services

We intend to improve integration between health and social care, and between acute, primary and community care. Our work in this area will help to ease patients’ journeys through what often seems a complicated and disjointed process.

Listening to our patients and public

We are committed to listening and acting on what our patients and public tell us. We’ll be embedding public engagement and consultation processes within our organisation to make sure patients are involved fully and appropriately in decisions.

Living within our means

We’ll use public money effectively by working with public health and other partners to target financial resources towards priority local needs.

Area of Interest:

Primary CareCommunity CareNon Urgent CareLong Term ConditionsPlanned CareMental Health