Our Constitution

NHS East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG Constitution

Our Constitution is the foundation of our organisation and describes the governing principles, rules and procedures we have established to ensure probity and accountability in the day-to-day running of our organisation. It describes who we are, information about our membership, how and when we make decisions, how we ensure decisions are taken in an open and transparent way, who within the organisation has delegated authority to make decisions on behalf of the organisation; the standards and values individuals and committee members are expected to adhere to and how we will manage conflicts of interest.

Governing Body

We have a dedicated section on our Governing Body which has details of our members, our meeting dates and copies of our meeting papers. Please click here for more information.

Terms of reference for the Committees of the CCG

We have several statutory committees (as set out in our Constitution). They are:

o Audit Committee

o Remuneration and Nominations Committee

o Primary Care Commissioning Committee – you can find more information on this committee along with meeting dates and papers here

Other committees established by the CCG include:

o Integrated Governance Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to oversee the development and delivery of the CCG’s commissioning plans, strategies and intentions, ensuring effective monitoring arrangements are in place. The Committee adopts an integrated approach to clinical governance, information governance (including information security), and research governance, seeking to assure that quality and clinical governance; equality; patient safety; and patient involvement are all integral to commissioning processes.

Integrated Governance Commitee ToR

o Financial Turnaround Committee

This Committee monitors the CCG’s financial position throughout the year providing assurance to the Governing Body in relation to systems and processes in place to accurately report on and deliver the agreed financial control total.

Financial Turnaround Committee ToR

o Commissioning Collaborative Committee (Joint Committee)

This Committee has been established in conjunction with NHS West Leicestershire CCG and NHS Leicester City CCG to jointly review and make commissioning decisions across the three CCGs in line with authority delegated to it from the three CCGs. The Committee is responsible for ensuring appropriate public engagement and, where necessary, consultation is undertaken and that the views of patients and other stakeholders is appropriately considered, including quality and equality impact risk assessments, to inform proposals presented. You can find the Committee papers here.
Commissioning Collaborative Board ToR