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Governing body members

NHS East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group is overseen by a Governing Body. You can find out more about our members here.

Dr Vivek Varakantam profile image

Dr Vivek Varakantam


Mr Andy Williams profile image

Mr Andy Williams

Chief Executive, Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland CCGs

Mrs Fiona Barber profile image

Mrs Fiona Barber

Deputy Chair and Independent Lay Member for Patient and Public Involvement

Mr Clive Wood profile image

Mr Clive Wood

Independent Lay Member for commissioning collaborative and reducing health inequalities

Mr Warwick Kendrick profile image

Mr Warwick Kendrick

Independent Lay Member

Dr Nick Glover profile image

Dr Nick Glover

GP Member Practice Representative

Dr Girish Purohit profile image

Dr Girish Purohit

GP Member Practice Representative

Alice McGee profile image

Alice McGee

Executive Director of People and Innovation

Dr Andrew Ahyow profile image

Dr Andrew Ahyow

GP Member Practice Representative

Dr Nikhil Mahatma profile image

Dr Nikhil Mahatma

GP Member Practice Representative

Sarah Prema profile image

Sarah Prema

Executive Director of Strategy and Planning

Rachna Vyas profile image

Rachna Vyas

Executive Director of Integration and Transformation

Caroline Trevithick profile image

Caroline Trevithick

Executive Director of Nursing, Quality and Performance

Nicci Briggs profile image

Nicci Briggs

Executive Director of Finance, Contracting and Corporate Governance

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