Comments and Complaints

Compliments and Complaints

NHS East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group (ELR CCG) aims to commission high quality services. Sometimes things go wrong and when they do we want you to tell us about it. We recognise the value that complaints can provide in planning for the future and in improving services for the benefit of our patients and local community.

We are also very pleased to receive positive feedback and compliments about our work or the quality of health services you have received as a local resident.

Who can make a complaint?

A complaint can be made by a member of the public who is dissatisfied with the services the CCG commissions, in relation to an action, omission or decision. A complaint can also be made by someone acting on behalf of the patient or person, with their consent.

What is the time limit?

You should make a complaint within 12 months of the event(s) concerned or within 12 months of becoming aware that you have something to complain about. However, it is much easier to deal with your complaint if it is made as soon as possible after the event.

How do I make a complaint?

If you wish to pursue a complaint you can do this in writing, over the phone, face to face or by email to the primary care practitioner, NHS organisation concerned or commissioner of the service. If you are unsure who to complain to, please contact our Nursing and Quality Team either through our dedicated enquiries line, which is: 0116 295 7572, or by emailing us on

If you wish to complain directly to ELR CCG about a service we commission, with your consent, we will liaise with the provider of the service and will ensure that your complaint is investigated and a response is received in a timely manner.

If you choose to make your complaint verbally, a member of the Nursing and Quality Team will put this in writing for you. You will be given the opportunity to discuss your concerns with a member of the Nursing and Quality team and say what you would like as an outcome.

The timescale for the response will be agreed with you and you will receive a written reply to confirm the investigation into your complaint.

Following the investigation you will be sent a formal response from our Managing Director or their deputy. This will include an explanation of our consideration of your complaint, an honest explanation, conclusions that we have reached in respect of your complaint, any remedial action that is considered to be appropriate, and confirmation that the action has been taken or that it will be actioned.

Our aim is to sort out any problems as quickly and professionally as possible. In line with national NHS policy there will be no detriment to your treatment and you will not be penalised in any way because you have made a complaint. Your complaint will not be placed on any part of your medical records.

How will my complaint be handled?

The Nursing and Quality Team at ELR CCG will receive and manage your complaint. This may involve ELR CCG accessing your case records and disclosing certain information to the relevant provider in order that we can discharge our duties to you under the NHS Complaints Regulations.

You will need to sign a consent form enabling the CCG to access your records and giving provider organisation(s) permission to disclose relevant information to NHS East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG.

The purposes for which your personally identifiable information will be used is strictly for the processing of your complaint. This may include passing relevant information to a service provider in order that they can provide appropriate responses and comments on the circumstances set out in your complaint.

Your information may be anonymised for the purposes of monitoring the complaints process or improving service quality. If identifiable data is needed for other purposes then your consent will be sought unless there is another legal basis on which this information is required to be used.

Can I get help to make my complaint?

If you feel you would like support to make a complaint you can contact POhWER NHS Complaints Advocacy. This is a free, impartial and independent service for people wishing to complain, or have already complained, about services provided by the NHS. You can contact POhWER NHS Complaints Advocacy on 0300 456 2370.

To make a complaint, or provide feedback about the services commissioned by the CCG please contact us:

Write to:
The Patient and Experience Officer
Nursing and Quality Team
NHS East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group
Leicestershire County Council
Room G30, Pen Lloyd Building
County Hall, Glenfield
Leicester LE3 8TB

Online: Complete our online feedback form by clicking here


Telephone: 0116 295 7572

For more information or advice

If you would like further information in the first instance please contact the Nursing and Quality Team on 0116 296 7572.

If you are unhappy with the way in which we have  handled your complaint you can ask the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman (PHSO) to consider the matter for you.  The PHSO can be contacted via:

Telephone helpline: 0345 015 4033



Complaints Management Policy

View our Complaints Policy below: