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Our vision for public involvement

East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group (ELR CCG) has a clear vision for the delivery of healthcare in our area. We aim to improve health by meeting our patients needs with high quality and efficient services, led by clinicians and delivered closer to home.

Involving and informing people is a critical part of achieving this. We aim to see our patients, partners and stakeholders, staff and clinicians, truly involved and informed when it comes to local healthcare.

The principles we adhere to

A clear set of communications and engagement principles underpin the work of ELR CCG. We will ensure that our communications and engagement activities are:

    – Clear and professional
    – Accessible
    – Honest
    – Respectful
    – Timely
    – Relevant
    – Cost-effective

Additionally, we will:

    – involve and empower our staff, GP practices, practice managers and board members, encouraging them to be advocates for our organisation and the NHS and provide training and support to help them do this
    – act in accordance with all relevant legislation including the Health and Social Care Act, The NHS Constitution, the Freedom of Information Act (2000), the Data Protection Act (1998) and relevant NHS confidentiality guidance
    – respect the sensitivities, circumstances and needs of individuals, taking into account matters of equality and human rights and supporting legislation at all times
    – recognise the value of partnership in delivering effective communications and engagement, working in partnership where our activities affect or involve another party and/or where a partnership approach will result in more effective delivery and outcomes
    – evaluate our activities to ensure we are meeting the needs of our audiences and demonstrating a tangible return on investment
    – ensure that feedback is collated appropriately and channeled into the appropriate decision-making processes, and that demonstrable action is taken as a result
    – ensure stakeholders receive feedback letting them know how their views have been used and the decisions made as a result

The methods we use to engage and communicate

We use a variety of methods and tools to help us hear and act on views from local people. These include (but are not limited to):

    – Survey/questionnaires (hard copy, on-line, or telephone)
    – Meetings and discussion events
    – Public meetings
    – Focus groups
    – In-depth interviews
    – Listening Booth to capture patient experience
    – Direct emails
    – Newsletters
    – Patient Participation Group Network
    – Online MyCCG membership
    – Social media
    – Traditional media – newspapers, television and radio

We have a large database with details of individuals, organisations and groups across our communities. We use this to target our messages and activities appropriately. We also share details of our work and opportunities to be involved with a number of local voluntary sector groups and those representing particular communities, who kindly share information on our behalf. We try hard to make all our materials and activities as accessible as possible. If you would like information in other languages or formats or to speak to us about support to get involved, you can find more details here.

Getting involved and finding out more

On the right hand side of this page, in the box headed ‘in this section’, you will find links to a wealth of information about current opportunities to be involved in shaping local health services and plans, our previous consultation and engagement activities, our approach to public and patient involvement and our reports on this, along with details of other ways to get involved in influencing local healthcare.

If you have any questions about the information in this section, please contact our Communications and Engagement Team on 0116 295 3405 or email us at

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