New Urgent Care Centre for Blaby (November 2018)

We asked

Following public engagement during the summer of 2018, ELR CCG took a decision to provide urgent care services from a new location in the Blaby District as part of wider improvements to existing services (you can read about the full changes [here]).

To help determine the location of the new service in Blaby District, further engagement was carried out with patients, stakeholders and the public in November 2018.

Views were sought using a document and questionnaire (online and in hard copy). The CCG’s Listening Booth also visited eight locations during the engagement period to speak to people face-to-face.

People were given the background to the proposals and offered two options for the future location based on the findings from previous engagement and a review of all potential locations. The options were Enderby Leisure Centre or Glenfield Surgery.

People were asked to share their views on the options and to provide information on other things they would like us to consider in determining the location for this service.


You said

In total, 713 questionnaire responses were received (95 paper copies and 618 online).

In total, 66% of respondents (466) expressed a preference for Option A: Enderby Leisure Centre. The remaining 34% (236) chose Option B: Glenfield Surgery.

When asked to give reasons for their choices, people gave a number of answers. These are categorised below:

Respondents were also asked to suggest any other issues they felt should be considered in setting up the new service. Analysis showed the most frequently mentioned words (aside from the location names) were access, parking, service and location.

You can read the full engagement report here.


We did

After careful consideration of all responses, ELR CCG decided to locate the service at Enderby Leisure Centre. The decision was announced in December 2018.

Comments and feedback about the location are being taken into consideration, in particular those about access to parking and the access road to the Leisure Centre. These matters are being addressed during the mobilisation of the new service in partnership with Blaby District Council.

The new service is due to open on April 1, 2019 and will see services available to people between 6.30pm and 9pm Monday to Friday and between 9am and 5pm at weekends on Bank Holidays. People will be able to access the service by walking in, calling NHS 111 or by pre-booking an appointment via their GP practice.

You can find out more about our urgent care services here.