Surveys and Consultations

Surveys and Consultations

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Help us to choose our healthcare priorities for next year

East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group (ELR CCG) has a clear vision for the delivery of healthcare in our area. We aspire to improve health by meeting our patients’ needs with high quality and efficient services, led by clinicians and delivered closer to home.

It is now time for ELR CCG to revisit and consider which health services we need to commission (buy) on behalf of local residents from healthcare providers. To do this we need your help. We need you to tell us your views on the health services you currently access, which health services you feel we should commission as a priority from the ones we are already considering, and if there are any other services you feel local people require to be commissioned as a priority that we haven’t thought about.

ELR CCG is committed to putting patients first and we thank you in anticipation for taking a few minutes to complete the questionnaire. All feedback will be completed and analysed to inform our commissioning priorities for next year.

This questionnaire is now closed.

Urgent Care Services Consultation (closed 23 April 2014)

A public consultation on urgent care services asked local people and patients to comment on proposals by ELR CCG to improve urgent care services and say which of three options they preferred.

This survey has now closed. To find out more about the full consultation and the feedback, please use this link to our consultations page.

East Midlands Cosmetic Procedures Review (closed 14 April 2014)

Thank you to all who helped NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups in the East Midlands to review the 2011 East Midlands Cosmetic Procedures Policy.

This survey has now closed.


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