Your experiences and how we act on them

We regularly examine the information we receive about what our patients think of our services. This is in the form of comments and stories that patients give us directly (via our online or face to face Listening Booth) or the comments left on the Care Opinion website.

We work with our primary care team on any comments relating to our local GP practices and identify any areas for concern. For secondary care (hospitals) and community and mental health care, we work with our contracts team to highlight any services which may need further discussion with our service providers.

All of our providers are required to give regular updates regarding how they are actively engaging with service users, staff and the public in their service developments. This is usually in the form of an updated policy and the results of any questionnaires, audits or engagement events that occur. When issues are identified, we also request assurance in the form of an action plan, to ensure that patient and staff voices are being heard and acted on. This is formally reported as part of the Quality Schedule for each provider and any continuing issues are escalated through the Contract and Quality Review process.

You can find out more about how we capture and act on patient experience information below: