Listening booth

The Listening Booth allows us to speak to the public, patients and carers outside of health locations; approaching people when they are feeling relaxed and have the time to talk about their experiences of healthcare.

The idea is to focus on how people feel and their attitudes and opinions. The booth is designed to complement the data already available through patient surveys and other large scale feedback mechanisms.

We collect both positive and negative feedback from patients. The Listening Booth asks people 3 simple questions:

  • Have you had a recent experience of the NHS or social care? Tell us about it…
  • What stood out as really positive?
  • What could have been done differently?

We use the Listening Booth to help us reach out to people and groups across our diverse communities to enable us to listen to the views of those who would not necessarily come to our events or take part in our activities otherwise. We work with partners in the voluntary and community sector to set up Listening Booth opportunities, often attending group meetings or events organised by them. This work is tied to our CCG’s commitment to equality and diversity and to hearing the voices of those often referred to as ‘seldom heard’. You can find out more about this commitment here.

The Listening Booth also forms an integral part of specific consultations and engagement programmes. By accessing a wide range of locations with the listening booth, representatives of seldom heard groups are able to participate in these consultations and engagements and we are also able to engage with members of the public as they go about their daily business.

For example:

  • it was used heavily for our Urgent Care Consultation;
  • it was used to inform our engagement on the Planned Care strand of the Better Together programme; and
  • even more recently, it has been used to support more work on improving urgent care, to understand views on health inequalities in Oadby and Wigston

The feedback received from our Listening Booth activities is broken down into themes and trends, with feedback also provided to providers of services. This information has been used to influence changes in the way we commission services, and also to influence improvements in the quality of care being provided, where patients have highlighted issues. When we use the Listening Booth in relation to specific projects, the information we receive is incorporated in the feedback and analysed to add to our overall findings. This information is then used to influence change and improvements in health services.

If you would like to read more about how feedback has been used, please see ‘Our plans and reports about public involvement’ page.

Booking the Listening Booth

If you would like to speak to us about the Listening Booth or book us to attend a community group or event, or for support in accessing this service, please contact us on 0116 295 3405 or email us at