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Your experiences and how we act on them

People share their experiences with us in many ways and we use this information to help make improvements. Find out more here.

We want to ensure that the services we design are delivering what our patients need.

We would like to hear about positive and negative experiences of health care, what went well and what needs to improve. That could be about a service you received yourself, or it could be about someone you care for. Perhaps you can think of a different way of something being done, that might cut down on the number of hospital trips you need to make for tests and scans.

Maybe you can flag up gaps in a service that we have not already thought of, or maybe you have found it difficult to access a particular service because it does not meet your specific needs.

How we act on what people tell us

We regularly examine the information we receive about what our patients think of local health services. This can be in the form of comments and stories that patients give us directly (via our online or face to face Listening Booth, complaints and enquiries to the CCG) as well as comments posted on the Care Opinion website.

We work with our primary care team on any comments relating to our local GP practices and identify any areas for concern. For secondary care (hospitals) and community and mental health care, we work with our contracts team to highlight any services which may need further discussion with our service providers.

All of our providers are required to give regular updates regarding how they are actively engaging with service users, staff and the public in their service developments. This is usually in the form of an updated policy and the results of any questionnaires, audits or engagement events that occur. When issues are identified, we also request assurance in the form of an action plan, to ensure that patient and staff voices are being heard and acted on. This is formally reported as part of the Quality Schedule for each provider and any continuing issues are escalated through the Contract and Quality Review process.

Summaries of the feedback we’ve received and how we’ve acted on it can be found here: [Insert last two patient experience reports here]

Care Opinion

If you would prefer not to share your experiences with us directly, you can share your story with Care Opinion  – a confidential non-profit service. Your story may appear (without your name) on their website. Care Opinion asks the health service to respond to the feedback you share, but does not reveal your identity.

This service is independent of NHS East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group and the NHS. For more information about Care Opinion and how your story is handled, visit www.careopinion.org.uk.

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