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Updated Listening and Engagement Strategy published

An updated Listening and Engagement Strategy was agreed by the CCG Governing Body on 19th January 2016.

The full updated strategy – “Listening.  Responding.  Delivering.” can be downloaded via the link below.

The updated strategy responds to the clear and consistent message delivered through our 2015 NHS Ipsos Mori 360° stakeholder survey as well as views and opinions gleaned from our 2015 Summer of Listening exercise and at our 2015 Annual General Meeting.

These showed:

  • the fundamentals of our existing listening and engagement activity are sound and fit for purpose;
  • there are areas of particular strength that are valued by our stakeholders and partners;
  • we could improve some aspects of our activities to deliver real excellence; and
  • a greater emphasis on demonstrating and communicating specific feedback and responses to what we had heard would be particularly welcome and valued.

In all we do, we seek to increase both the reach and the impact of our engagement. In particular, we want to achieve four aims:

  • increase the number of people with whom we engage within those organisations with whom we are already engaged;
  • widen the range of organisations and individuals with whom we engage, in particular going beyond the normal NHS and social care ‘family’ to engage people in their wider lives and activities;
  • increase the quality of our engagement and the experience of those with whom we engage; and
  • increase the visibility of what we do with what we hear and improve the ways in which we provide specific feedback on specific topics.

The strategy also includes recent initiatives in relation to how we listen to our own staff, such as our Freedom to Speak Up programme and staff-led refresh of our organisational values.

Further details of strands of the updated strategy are available below:

Click here for details of what we learned through our Summer of Listening programme and Ipsos Mori 360° stakeholder survey

Click here for our plans for Active Listening and Listening and Engagement Active Partnerships (LEAPS)

Click here for details of the importance we attach to clinically-led engagement

Click here for details of how we plan to increase the range of voices we hear

Click here for details of how we use Patient Stories and ELR CCG TV 

Click here to find out more about our Listening Booth

Click here for our ‘We Come to You’ programme – new ways in which we can communicate and engage with local people in ways that avoid them having to come to us


Further Information:

Download the updated Listening and Engagement Strategy here