Repeat Prescriptions

To help reduce medicines waste, patients, their families and carers are now required to order repeat prescriptions directly from their GP practice rather than their local pharmacy. This can be completed through online ordering, in person, mobile apps or by post. The changes will be effective from when patients place their next repeat prescription order. Patients will also have the opportunity to discuss any queries with their GP practice until 18 September 2017.

GP surgeries use two mobile apps available for both iPhones and Android phones. For practices using SystmOne the app is called SystmOnline, website: The secondary app is called EMIS Web, website: If you are unsure which app you require, your GP practice will be able to advise which app you need to download to access their online services.

Ordering repeat prescriptions directly from GP practices rather than through pharmacies will give patients the opportunity to check how much medicine they already have at home and order only what is required rather than stockpiling large quantities of unrequired medicines, which will be wasted.

ELR CCG are also urging patients to only order the quantity of medicines they need and to check their medicines are correct before leaving the pharmacy. Any medicines returned to pharmacies after patients leave cannot be reused or recycled.

For patients who require additional assistance to manage their medicines and repeat prescriptions local pharmacies are able to provide information on ordering services for them. Patients who feel they require further assistance are requested to speak to their GP practice who will be able to offer the support required. Pharmacies and GP practices will be issuing letters explaining the changes, and patients are requested to complete and return the reply slip to request assistance or to facilitate an exemption.

The only changes to the new process are the way in which repeat prescriptions are ordered. Pharmacists will continue to receive repeat prescriptions once produced from GP practices and they will then be able to dispense medication for patients. If you have a nominated pharmacy to dispense your medicines, the GP practice can still send these prescriptions electronically. Home delivery services will continue to be provided as well.

Reducing medicines waste across East Leicestershire and Rutland will be a big challenge but it will deliver significant savings and reduce waste. If you have any questions relating to these changes, please call 0116 295 3405 where our enquires team will be able to provide further guidance.

Please note Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centres should not be used for repeat prescriptions.

Further Information:

If you require further information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions document below.